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2023 Playoffs

All Playoff Games Scheduled

Games continue tonight and go all week long. Please check the app and update your status to let your coach know if you'll be there! Good luck to all teams!

You should receive automatic updates if a game has to be postponed or changed due to weather. Please also use the app to confirm your player's availability. A link to download the app is here.

Thank you
Carolyn, Jenn and Steve

Commonly Asked Questions

When does the season start?
We start the season in late March / Early April and it runs until the First Sunday in June. 

What day of the week are the games?
We play 1 game for each team in all divisions Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Monday - Thursday nights from 6 -10pm.

What day will my division play?
We vary the night each division plays in order to accommodate the other leagues that many of our players play in to help  avoid consistent conflicts. 

How many games will each team play?
We strive to get 7 games for each team and at least 1 playoff game. The playoffs are single elimination ending with the Be Rare Championship Day held the first Sunday in June.

What is the division breakdown? 
We have a girls league and boys league with the following divisions:
3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th and High School.

How will you pick the teams?
The coaches will draft each division in mid March and you will be notified via the Sports Engine App of which team your son or daughter will play for. We try our best to split the advanced players up so there is not one team that is "stacked". Our coaches help us split the kids up as evenly as possible. It should not be the goal of the coaches to win the league on draft night.

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